One blog down and the most important realisation is just how poorly I manage my time on the most part, or rather my lack of ability to prioritise every day. Being in a new house with my first ever garden that happens to be rather large, both of which need lots of attention, and mainly working from home has not improved my ability to focus. Shock horror. I need to start going to coffee shops with my twelve year old laptop and spend money I don’t have on coffee that makes me anxious, it might make me feel more productive. For the half hour my laptop lives anyway. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Oh I have a spare laptop that’s only eight years old, maybe I should offer it to this newly self employed person”, then I accept and thank you.

This blog is also a good test on my memory as mine is quite terrible, my friends can attest to this. Thinking about what I did last Wednesday, I cannot recall a thing. All I remember of last week is that after re working this website and my CV three times, going to a couple of meetings, transferring some of my creative projects from paper onto MindMeister, watching the robot hoover do it’s job (classic example of poor time management), picking plums and folding all my knickers (I am actually sticking to this folding thing and it’s quite satisfying), I went off to North Wales for the annual camping trip with Dad, Brother and Friends. Going from South to North felt a bit like a long haul flight but we had two big bags of Lidl shopping in the back and knowing the real adults would already have thought about meals, the first bag of snacks was open before we had left the car park.

The sun was glorious, hottest bank holiday weekend on welsh record. The swarms of midges that I had feared, were nowhere to be seen, and for the first time in years the river looked inviting enough for me to take a dip. I am, what some might say, quite dramatic. I think it perfectly reasonable to scream when submerging yourself willingly into fucking baltic water, while trying not to get swept down river or break your kneecaps on hidden boulders. It was extremely refreshing and unsurprisingly, I didn’t think of anything else during those numbing 15 minutes which was just as much a relief as it was a shock for the body. It made me realise I hadn’t switched off until dunking in the river. At the moment I feel like I need to be working around the clock if I’m going to have any success. If I’m on holiday, so is my business. But if you are away, you need to switch off if you want to enjoy yourself and get back to work feeling energised.

So here are my tips on switching off / procrastinating:

  1. Fold your knickers
  2. Write a To Do list and misplace it immediately
  3. Wash all the towels in the house (if you live with boys, do this weekly)
  4. Go tentatively into a calm rocky river and scream / Have a cold bath
  5. Watch funny animal videos on Ladbible
  6. Stop being a perfectionist, you’ll never show anyone anything
  7. Cycle to the shop 3 times in one day for those essentials
  8. Light a fire, warm your bottom, and sit down quickly to feel the burn
  9. Watch the squirrel from your window and imagine you’re Snow White
  10. Pause the Stay Focused app and watch every Instagram story available
  11. Stretch (it’s actually VERY important and the pain is a good distraction)
  12. Daydream about how successful you’re going to be

I’m confident these will help you in your quest. Let me know which one works for you and best of luck to those who can’t afford to be a laptop wanker in a coffee shop.

Sarah x

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3 replies on “Very professional advice for the Self Employed

  1. Oh jesus, this is all SO true! I definitely get out the house more than you do but the fight for prioritisation, focus and dedication all remain a very real struggle.

    Laptops really tend to be more of a hinderance for me than a help (he says writing on his laptop…) but Extension Apps such as StayFocusd (search Google Extensions if using Chrome) can really help out and have customisation settings to tailor your maximum times you’re on particular sits *cough*FaceCrack*cough*

    Strangely enough, cold water immersion can help motivation:

    Your pointers are brilliant hahaha!! Number 6 is so true haha! *rolls eyes*

    Keep up the great posting Sarah – your actions are a real inspiration! πŸ™‚


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