I’m struggling with what to write about today so it’s going to be brief. A week goes extremely fast when you give yourself a deadline, especially when you actually stick to it. I’m slowly learning that it’s better to get something done, even if you’re not 100% happy with it or even think it’s rubbish, than nothing at all (that might bite me on the backside in future but I’m livin’ on the edge). I’ve been thinking of what to write about for a few days and wondering whether I need to write for a target audience, have an aim for the blog, or just write for myself. What do you think? Because my brain is so scattered, writing about a certain topic week after week wouldn’t be fun for anyone, and my days vary so much, I’d find it very difficult to pin down that one topic. Maybe I should set myself monthly challenges. So far I’ve considered talking about; my one day of happy productivity followed by two days of doubt, the two hour horse ride on the beach with a two day hangover, my day filming Casualty, the meet up to discuss what we can do to change the political climate, the waterfall walk, whether people working in the Arts feel guilty for not having a job that could save the planet, or share my tips on how to be a domestic goddess (I bought throws for the sofas so feel this puts me in the goddess category).

I’m currently sat in a coffee shop being a laptop wanker but I’m not very good at it. The b and n on my keyboard weren’t working so instead of making you fill in the blanks (you’re welcome) I’ve borrowed my brother’s laptop but couldn’t find the charger and can’t remember his password. So I’m now a phone wanker. That isn’t going too well either, a whole paragraph just randomly deleted. I’ve also got the distraction of my friend sat next to me who’s in one of those moods where he comes out with strange things and occasionally hits himself on the head with a ruler. He should have got decaf.

Out of the possible topics above I’m just going to mention the horse ride cos that made me really happy (thanks to my uni lot for the great pressie). I hadn’t ridden for three years, since I was in Viñales, Cuba. It reignited my thirst for adventure and I’m desperate to do a wild camping trip, just me and a horse (if you’ve got one I could borrow then please contact me) navigating our way through Wales wearing a cloak and pointy hat and smoking a pipe. Oh wait that’s Gandalf. And I can’t smoke, it just makes me cough and look very uncool. I actually met Gandalf, aka Ian Mckellen, when dancing in a show in London. He held my hand in both of his when greeting me and I just wanted him to be my grandad and tell me stories. It was magical. I wonder if he’d want to don his cloak again and join me on my adventure. One thing I love about trekking on horseback is that it can be easy, challenging, peaceful and exhilarating in a short time. Depending on the horse. And the weather. And the terrain. And whether your riding companion(s) just talk to their horse the entire time rather than to you. So a solo trip is on the cards. I just need a horse and a book on poisonous plants and I’ll be off. Preferably sponsored by Barbour so I can have one of their wax coats ofcourse. Barbour I await your email…

Sarah x

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