With so many people working from home for the next couple of months, I imagine there will be struggles with weight gain, procrastination, and cabin fever. Ending with agoraphobia and people getting fired because watching the entirety of Friends took precedent over deadlines and customer satisfaction. Well I’m here to help.

Sort of.

Beware the following…

  1. You’re used to having 3 meals a day. This will change. You will now feel like having 3 meals and at least 6 ‘snacks’. You’re just bored or avoiding the work. Avoid the kitchen at all costs and don’t take all the chocolate to your room.
  2. You’ll notice there’s loads of stuff to do around the house/flat/yard/garden. There’s always something that needs doing, put time aside specifically for your housey needs and blitz it.
  3. Call your sole self employed friend and ask what they’re doing. You’ll know if they’re telling porky pies.
  4. Don’t watch TV in the morning, especially a series, it will be the death of your day. Those bloody cliff hangers. I’m talkin’ to you Homeland.
  5. You may not realise you haven’t seen or spoken to anyone in a couple of days. Escape from your bubble and remember the world still exists.

Do take advantage of the situation and wear clothes you can stretch in. Getting up to dance around and bend in office inappropriate ways is a big perk. If you find your concentration wavering/disappearing into the ether, do something else that’s productive like the washing, watering the plants or playing with a pet (playing will boost your energy but beware of the time vortex).

So far today I’ve oiled my bike chain and squeaky door hinges around the house. Why didn’t I do this when we moved in? Very satisfying. The hardest thing has been staying away from all the food in the kitchen. It’s the stress. The stress at the thought of not being able to buy chocolate has caused me to eat all the chocolate in the house.

Remember, you don’t need to eat your lunch at your desk now. Go and get some fresh air, find a graveyard to stroll around. You’ll be in safe company.

Sarah x

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4 replies on “Working from home? You may need kitchen security.

  1. Excellent writing Sarah. I love your style. I went for a lovely walk earlier today and it was great – soaking in the nature and getting some much needed fresh air. Cabin fever is the worst. I’ve taken your advice on one of your previous blogs and have started doing Pilates in the mornings to help me focus. 🙂

    Looking forward to your next blog 🙂

    Bridge xx


  2. Full of good ideas as usual! Liked the bit about walking in the graveyard – black humour is probably just what we need right now! We are returning to our crofter mentality and using all sorts of random containers to fill with compost so that we can grow more stuff, hopefully away from slugs etc. I am trying to set to on things in the house but somehow that’s not very appealing yet – have to wait until I get really bored!

    Keep the blog going

    Angie xx

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    1. I’m gonna do some seed planting today too. It’s bloody freezing here! Glad I’ve got my little greenhouse. It’ll be interesting to see how isolation changes people’s perspective on the wider society and nature.


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