My computer keyboard arrived this morning, leaving me no choice but to get on with some work. Of course before I turned the computer on I had to reply to five different WhatsApp groups, have two video calls and try a third with Australia. I’ve now turned my phone off. J K Rowling didn’t have a little computer in her pocket did she. I watched A Year in the Life of J K Rowling the other day. Hers is a very inspiring story. I thought, ‘right, tomorrow I am gonna get so much writing done I will actually deserve that piece of cake and glass of wine’. The next day came and my energy was still so low I thought I best watch the documentary again. So I did. And I didn’t get any work done. Instead I was looking up free online courses. Specifically ‘the history of spies’ but to no avail. Not exactly surprising. If you know of any good books on the subject, do let me know! Now that filming productions have ceased shooting, it is the only time I can turn my phone off during the day and not miss out on any jobs. It’ll be interesting to see just how much more I get done without having notification distraction from apps I haven’t even used yet. Sat here at my desk overlooking our garden and blossoming trees, I imagine this is close to what its like to being a student at an American university. Enthusiastic and ready to earn the big bucks (why wouldn’t I?!)

I’ve got my work hat on today. Not metaphorically, I have to wear my fedora to see the computer screen. It blocks the glare coming through the window and will hopefully prevent me from looking like a bull dog in future. Or a shrivelled beetroot. I’ll post a picture in ten years so you can check.

The ever youthful,

Sarah x

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4 replies on “What hat do you wear to work?

  1. You’ve inspired me to watch the JK Rowling documentary. Interesting about her having less distractions back then. Looking forward to the photo in 10 years 😁 xx

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