More time at home has brought with it some unexpected changes. My brother is trying out a moustache which looks surprisingly okay, my Aunt has her first smart phone and has learnt how to answer it and send a blurry photo after a couple of coaching sessions, my Dad has apparently been assessing his style and is dressing so smartly the neighbours are asking where he’s going. I am yet to see photographic evidence of this.

One change that is not so welcome is our three pet hens calling to be let out of their house almost as soon as the sun rises. 5.58 AM seems to be their preferred time. They’re right outside my window so once awake, there’s no going back to sleep until they’re happily scrapping about the garden. I get up, draw back one curtain trying to spot the main culprit, and sleepily say ‘little bastards’, before clumsily slipping into some sandals and heading downstairs. They are the reason I’ve been getting so much done in the morning however. So thanks for all the soups and scones, little fluffy foghorns. Added to the routine now is watering the veggies and flowers which is always satisfying. Seeing the dried out sandy soil turn earthy black. Lovely.

I’m currently super organised, mainly because of all the free trials I signed up to. I’ve got six on the go, and dates in the calendar ready to cancel before my credit card gets a hit. I’d forgotten how dangerous that little piece of plastic is. I haven’t had one for a few months. I had to stop myself buying a walk in greenhouse. And dresses. And expensive serums. I did get myself a laptop. It feels like a spaceship compared to my ten year old ASUS and I don’t think the novelty will wear off for a long time. I can actually hear people speak when I watch a film now.

One observation I have made on my daily outings, is that people have clearly taken this to be the end of the world and are dressing as such. The mishmash of outfits is something to behold and I hope this newfound dress code carries on long after this pandemic. It is a feast, and sometimes an assault, for the eyes.

Speaking to a friend recently, she made me burst out laughing by admitting she feels socially overwhelmed during this time of social distancing. I’d been feeling the same. Just how much spare time do you think I have people? I’m still self employed, still very busy, and still very important you know. I think I spent three hours on the phone yesterday, not including replying to messages.

So bugger off and stop giving me attention. I’ve got things to buy, with money I don’t have.

Speak later,

Sarah x

P.S. I just checked the time of sunrise and it is actually 5.58 AM. The hens must have their own alarm clock hung in their house.

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4 replies on “Strange things are happening, but I’ve not yet gone round the twist

  1. Are you sure you haven’t gone round the twist? Hehe. I can’t help singing THAT song when reading your title….love it! The strangest thing that has happened to me is the amount of exercise I am now doing… Xx

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  2. Here in Liverpool I am awoken at dawn by the raucous fighting between seagulls on the roof and since I sleep in the attic beneath the eaves, their antics are close….and I don’t even get any eggs.

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