Turns out you don’t need to be at home with your parents to revert back to to your teenage years. I’ve had a teenage energy for the past few days, without the moodiness, it’s fantastic. I even feel like plastering my walls with posters, with bands I don’t even really like. As long as the posters look cool. I’m even listening to music that’s in the charts and the most popular on TikTok, which I don’t know how to work. Maybe I’ll get some dutch courage and make a disastrous first attempt. The more embarrassing the better really. I’m also considering going live on Instagram, doing what, I have no idea but I just know all my fans would love it.

It must have been that Jonas Brothers documentary. I didn’t know their music but I’ve been watching a ton of documentaries lately and came across theirs. I mainly watch really grim docs that leave you feeling sad, angry, or determined to do something about it, for a few hours at least. So one about a pop band would be some light relief. Some of their tunes are really bloody catchy and I’m now hooked, playing the same four songs over and over, feeling more giddy by the day. That might also be the crumble me and my brother, Dan, made. We used apples off the tree and plums we’d used to infuse vats of gin. I think one bowl of that crumble equates to a generous double shot. It’s so delicious it makes me wiggle my bum.

I was blasting my tunes all day yesterday, feeling half in work mode, half in party mode. Dan came into my room with his BB gun. Don’t you dare. He shot me on the thigh a couple of weeks ago and I did not want another experience. He shot the wall instead and made a huffing noise like a teenager, exclaiming he didn’t know what to do with himself before walking out. It’s not just me then.

Others aren’t feeling so energetic. I often find a housemate or two staring out the kitchen window watching the chickens scrap around, or perhaps watching the vegetables grow, I’m not sure. Every other day I’ll hear someone shout, or sometimes bark, out the window at our friendly neighbourhood rat who’s trying to steal the chicken feed. Ratty wins every time.

I had a good Zoom with a friend last night, actually that same friend who was feeling socially overwhelmed. She’s a Yorkshire lass so don’t worry, she’ll always be fine. We wanted to test the audio quality of the recording as we’re planning a podcast. We can’t decide on a theme so we’re just going to have every episode be different. Is that a really bad idea? I can’t decide. Let me know your thoughts. What are the details you like about your favourite podcasts? I’m off to brainstorm for the fifteenth time. Who knows how long this youthful energy will last so I’m gonna ride the wave for as long as possible.

Sending you good vibrations,


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2 replies on “30 going on 15

  1. Hey Sarah
    I loved your blog!
    Good to hear that you and Dan have rediscovered your youthful exuberance!
    I’m feeling pretty frisky myself, though 15 is probably pushing it, I’d say I’m feeling more like 40 again!

    Liked by 1 person

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