So far this week I’ve managed to crack my phone screen, make latkes (along with apple sauce) for breakfast, eat Al fresco, watch another anger inducing documentary, and talk to a friend instead of listen to music as I’m running. It’s a good test of fitness; can they understand you? Or are they hanging up and calling an ambulance on your behalf? On Monday I failed to stop our stealthiest chicken, Amelia Earhart, from getting into the house, this time all the way upstairs. We found her perched on the shower rail. It’s always good to start the day laughing! That’s partly why I like doing online dance workouts first thing in the morning with friends, as all I can see on my phone screen is flailing arms, not at all what’s going on in the dance. So I laugh at them and it starts the day off great.

I’ve been so engrossed in what I’m doing this week that I forgot to watch Killing Eve on Monday morning with breakfast, only getting round to it on Wednesday evening. This is a rarity for me and I like it. For someone who finds it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time, this was a great feeling. Remember my high of teenage energy that came and went? I think I’ve got it back. Almost. I mean I do need my siestas this week but apart from that I’m all go. Monday morning included an invigorating brain storm under the pagoda with my brother about my plan to ride a horse the length of Britain. The night before we had watched a couple of short adventure documentaries that were part of BANFF Film Festival so it got us fired up thinking of our own. Dan wants to head off into the hills wild camping for as long as he feels like (his new axe just arrived from Sweden, so that paired with his moustache, well, you can imagine) and my horse riding trip has been on my mind for many years. I think a lot of people will feel that because the option of going places has been taken away by this pandemic, you suddenly really really want to go everywhere. Even if you were a hermit before. We’re basically all still toddlers. Tell us no, and we want it.

The universe is cruel however, so during my streak of renewed productivity, the computer says no. No to video editing anyway. An early birthday present arrived yesterday from my brother which perked me up, or rather calmed me into a trance. A navy blue and white striped sun lounger by Trespass. It’s blissfully comfy and will be the biggest hurdle I face when it comes to working. Or washing. Or doing anything really. So wish me luck, as I think my renewed energy is about to be cruelly, and comfortably sapped from me.

Wishing you a lovely tan and a great nap,

Sarah x

Watch my comedy sketches on your lunchbreak here : Sarah’s really really good show !

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