My first time at the hairdressers in eight months left me looking fabulously coiffed and feeling like this was it. This was the time my hair would just stay like this forever. Even after washing it, it would somehow be bouncy and styled with a classy curl without any effort. I stepped outside and the fucking wind fucking ruined it straight-a-fucking-way didn’t it. I should have planned it around the weather. I have found a lot of happy moments to be very fleeting in the recent months. To belly laugh now feels like you’ve been put on charge, only to drain overnight cos it wasn’t on at the socket, and by the next day the thoughts of pending doom are back, and you’re wondering when you’ll kiss your friends inappropriately again or push them in a canal. I don’t know about you but the sheer number of decisions you have to make every day just about what to eat was enough to make me google ‘personal chefs Cardiff’. Only to be reminded of how much I owe on my credit card already and that I am in fact, not Oprah. Something to aim for?

A couple of particularly miserable days drove me out of the house and into town. I couldn’t get any words on a page and the need for external stimulation felt close to a need for a mocha. So I looked at clothes, walked around in the sun, listened to the buskers on the streets and watched people go by. Finding inspiration in the mundane of day to day life has been challenging. It’s quite good for making comedy sketches though. Just mock yourself and your housemates and put it online.

With the weather now as grim as a fluffy dogs arsehole I am very thankful we have our three pet chickens. Animals always bring comfort and popping out into the garden a few times a day and having them sprint over to you never gets old. Neither does their funny sounding chatter which I like to think I understand on a whole new level. ‘The Chicken Whisperer’. Watch this space.

Have a happy week!

Sarah x

P.S. Totally off topic but I recommend watching Thirst Tweets on YouTube. The filth people write is very funny and I really wish people would send me Thirst Tweets. #sendwardythirsttweets

P.P.S. I know I haven’t written anything about the canal trip related to this photo but it’s Sunday night and I just wanna lie on the floor.

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