I sprang awake at 4.30 this morning after having slept like a brick. I hid under the duvet as I flicked the switch on the lamp precariously balanced on the headboard, giving my eyes a chance. It’s not their fault I want them to open at this ridiculous hour. A great idea popped into my head, and learning from my previous errors of thinking ‘surely I will remember such a clear idea in the morning’ and going back to sleep, I sat up and started scribbling until I could scribble no more. Not wanting to open my laptop for fear my eyeballs would melt, I picked up from chapter five of The World As It Is: Inside The Obama Whitehouse by Ben Rhodes, Obama’s speech writer. It’s quite gripping. I’ve always loved looking behind the scenes, and as you can imagine, these scenes are far from the norm for anyone not in politics.

I never thought a trip to the library would be exciting. With the new regulations, you go in one door, get given a brown paper bag with your name on it, and exit, like a kid picking up their lunch bag on a school trip, hoping they didn’t get ready salted crisps. I had ordered five books so didn’t know which one they had packed for me. If I had a tail it would have wagged a little.

It’s been a particularly trying couple of weeks for those who work in the creative industry. The new advert, ‘Rethink. Reskill. Reboot’, seemingly attempting to get every creator to change tack and work in cyber, has people rightfully outraged. I personally thought it was a joke when I saw it on social media, but was not that surprised when I discovered the embarrassing truth of it. Creativity is unavoidable for humans, no matter how much you may try to avoid it or quash it, and sadly many do. Fear of embarrassment, doing it wrong, of the judgment, fear of discovering you’re terrible at something that you enjoy. I watched an absolutely brilliant Ted Talk on creativity by Young-ha Kim from 2013 which I urge you to watch, no matter what line of work you’re in. He speaks with such fluidity, wit and so much sense you may want to watch it again to take everything in. He gave me a real boost when thinking of my professional endeavours. Sometimes it just takes a stranger to talk some sense to make you feel completely sane. As sane as you can be in this industry anyway.

Well I need to go and get on with work as though I’ve got a personal assistant telling me off. I should give it a name. Another exciting day tomorrow, I’m collecting library book number two. I do hope I sleep through the night.

Your fellow day dreamer,


P.S. I did a great Yoga-Pilates fusion workout this morning, it’ll get you warm within three minutes. A valuable thing heading into the grimmest of grim weather.

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4 replies on “Creators of the night

  1. Currently 4.20am Sarah and I’ve just read this! I love this piece! Keep writing! I’m with you… The world needs more Creativity not the opposite! Different perspective. Sending love and hope you are sleeping! Fellow dreamer x

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  2. You’re so right – as if an opera singer should retrain to work in IT, it’s utterly philistine!

    Talking about behind the scenes, one of my jobs at Glyndebourne was cataloguing the little films our resident film-maker made – one was of high in the fly tower, the opera going on below and the chaps preparing one of the singers to ‘fly’, all done in complete silence until the moment they pushed him off the tower, whispering ‘you’re on your own now mate’ – it was such a dramatic moment, much more riveting than what was going on on the stage!

    Enjoy your library books ….

    Angie xx

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