Happy Friday good folks! 

I’m starting a YouTube channel! It’s called Sarah’s really really good show and decided to launch it RIGHT NOW! I’m sweating profusely (how do teenagers do this?!). I hope I don’t immediately regret this extremely time consuming experiment. Any support you can muster would be appreciated. It will be sketch comedy and other stuff. Click the subscribe button and the little bell to be notified about future comedy sketches! Have a jolly weekend.

Your fellow creator,

Sarah x

UPDATE 27.04.2021

So I definitely should not have launched my channel on a whim, one cold dark night in January. It’s taken several of these mistakes, whether it’s with my blog posts or my channel, to learn not to post just because I’ve finished it, but to schedule it. By launching my ‘welcome’ video several weeks sooner than intended, I have been playing catch up this whole time and feeling stressed from the pressure put upon myself. Whoops.

Advice for anyone wanting to start a YouTube channel; have a few videos filmed, edited, and uploaded before you launch! Give yourself a head start. I am trying to get ahead now with my blog and channel but I really did shoot myself in the foot. When you work hard on something and you’re anxious to get it out there so you don’t have to think about it anymore, the temptation is press publish straight away. But a lot of thought needs to go into who your main audience are and when they’re online. Get inside their heads and schedule your work! Good luck.

Posted by:WardyGoesWest

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